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Carbon tax boosts renewable en바카라ergy interest in Canada

The Green Party is calling on government to set aside money to support renewable energy investments in Canada.

With t바카라사이트he support of the provinces of British Columbia, Ontario, and Alberta, the Green Party wants to see additional federal investment that benefits all Canadians, especially low-income Canadians.

“We are calling on all levels of government to establish a dedicated, federal capital-intensive renewable energy fund to pay for investment in new, high-cost, and innovative new technologies that will boost the global economic environment in the next decade,” says Green Party leader Elizabeth May. “As energy prices rise, we need to be investing in innovation that will spur job creation, promote the transition to a low-carbon economy, and ultimately save the planet.”

This spring, Prime Minister Stephen Harper announced $60 million for the first phase of a new national greenhouse gas strategy.

In May우리카지노, Finance Minister Jim Flaherty announced the government is making $12 million in a new capital-intensive investment in climate-safe projects.

On Wednesday, the green party unveiled a report recommending another round of infrastructure spending on green-energy projects.

But this is the first time the Liberals or NDP have used their party room to call for the introduction of a carbon tax in Canada.

“The Green Party recognizes that a carbon tax will have an impact on jobs and the economy, especially in low-income regions of the country,” says Green Party Leader Elizabeth May. “And for this reason, we’ve called on the government to create a carbon tax in Canada to encourage investment in low-cost, carbon-neutral new technologies.

“We recognize that a carbon tax in this country would have a positive economic outcome but we’re also worried about the environmental cost of the plan. A $30 a tonne price tag is more than $100 per tonne of carbon emissions.”

It’s worth noting that the Liberals and NDP are not in favour of the introduction of a carbon tax as there is no scientific evidence that any tax makes economic sense for Canadian industry.

The only other major party to mention a carbon tax was the Green Party’s Justin Trudeau in his 2014 election campaign. The Green Party’s Elizabeth May says that after the first federal campaign, “there has been a shift to policies where carbon and other measures of climate change are more central to our economic strategy, as we move away from the economic and national security consequences of climate change.”

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