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Carbon tax boosts renewable energy interest rate

The new carbon tax will raise the interest rate for solar and wind developers in Quebec by an average of 3% and 6% respectively, making them more expensive to run than other renewable energy tec카지노 사이트hnologies, including hydro. The tax will increase the amount a developer has to invest in renewable energy projects to pay for a higher hydro bill.

NDP MP Pierre Galante, who introduced the bill, says there are only five times in a year when the investment in solar and wind technology is cheaper than the price paid by a typical customer. “To continue 우리카지노to encourage new investments in wind and solar power with a $300-billion carbon tax, these are the kinds of choices we have,” he said at the news conference Friday.

Premier Couillard also said that Quebec needs to be competitive with Canada because that makes its economy more efficient. She went on to say that the carbon tax will not create unemployment, which would affect other jobs or the quality of life for Quebecers.

In the last report on energy, the UN and several other organizations, they had projected 1 million new jobs created in Quebec over the next 40 years under the carbon tax and a new 20% renewable energy investment tax credit.

The report’s authors noted that the amount of tax generated is much smaller, about $4 billion each year. But it will help finance the cost of the energy infrastructure and investment needed to develop it.

Energy Minister Denis Coderre is pleased with Côte-St-Luc’s decision

As soon as the carbon tax’s price is set, energy minister Denis Coderre said Monday that “everything in this project will move forward and not go back”.

He also said that Côte-St-Luc “has an opportunity to become a part of the global green technology industry.”

Coderre also said the province’s new policies will make Quebec “more competitive” with the other regions of Canada in the international renewable energy sector.

At a news conference Monday in Ottawa, Coderre said his province already 우리카지노supports about 50,000 renewable energy capacity in Canada, which could become more if a carbon tax is introduced to the Canadian market.

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Coderre said Quebec has about 12,000 MW of wind and solar capacity.

“The additional investments, new investment will enable us to continue to take advantage of our advantages,” he said.