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Pga tony seabrook fight to retain pastoral lands board

‘Fully armed with the best hunting guns’

“When the state’s wildlife agency says you need guns, we say that means you don’t need hunting,” said Ken Czuba, a county conservationist with the Humane Society of the United States, which supports the hunt. “And that is exactly what’s going on here. It’s completely reckless.”

The county b우리카지노oard is still considering whether to seek a federal permit under the federal Endangered Species Act to open the hunting season. 바카라But in its letter, the board said it would consider a grant from the state’s Bureau of Land Management, not a permit from the federal government.

The state was required by the federal act to grant conservation officials a permit under the Endangered Species Act to stop hunting the deer, but it hasn’t given a specific amount or reason as to why.

In a statement late Thursday, BLM spokesman Mark Pestano said it “is committed to being an ally of the state of Montana and hunting, but not the hunt of endangered species,” while the Bureau of Land Management said it is “committed to making decisions based on the best interests of public health and safety, as well as the wildlife.”

The two agency representati더킹카지노ves did not address the letter by name, but have a long history with the Pinal County commissioner. He first served as chief of staff to Paine as deputy secretary of the U.S. Department of Agriculture in 1990. Paine retired in 2006, but the secretary of state’s Office of Personnel Management said Tuesday that he still serves as a board member of the American Wildlife Alliance, a nonprofit organization formed under Montana law to promote hunting by all types of wildlife.

In a statement, Paine said the decision to end the hunt was “based entirely upon facts” and that “the science is changing rapidly.” He cited a 2012 study published in Science showing that the state may need about 2,600 to 4,300 hunters in order to preserve wildlife species over the next century.

MinnPost photo by Alex Schaffer

Paine also cited a 2006 study that found that fewer than 10 percent of the state’s 5,000 or more licensed hunters were being shot in the upper 48 states per year, a ratio that can’t possibly be sustainable and which he said “should not be allowed to persist.”

MinnPost photo by Alex Schaffer

“I’m an optimist but the research says it can’t be sustainable,” he said. “It’