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SE 320 NUMERIC is a machine designed for small to medium series production of smaller dimensions workpieces. This machine is also suitable for shops with piece production. This lathe can turn simple as well as complex shape workpieces such as flanges and shafts from metal and plastic. SE 320 is also suitable as a teaching aid for vocational schools and colleges of technical major. Machine can be operated either in manual mode, by using electronic handwheels, or the technological operations can be performed in automatic mode, thanks to the modern control system. Using the automatic mode opens new possibilities in piece production and in increasing the productivity of small series production.

Most important features:
•Ideal machine for a user switching from conventional to CNC controlled machine
•Minimal built-up area
•Easy and comfortable control
•Long lifetime with focus on keeping high machining accuracy
•Spindle drive through belts – minimization of vibration level that could negatively influence turning
•Automatic gear shifting during the working cycle
•Bearings with lifetime grease filling – low operating costs
•Annealed machine components for internal stress removal – high accuracy and stability throughout lifetime of the machine
•Machine covers with reinforced areas – high level of operator protection

Working Range :
Max. swing over bed mm 320
Max. swing over cross slide mm 170
Max. turned diameter with MultiSuisse toolpost mm B 320
Max. turned diamerer with turret SAUTER mm 210
Distance between centers mm 750
Height of centers mm 150
Max. bar diameter mm 41/55*
Bed width mm 300

Main spindle :
Spindle nose DIN (ISO702-III) B5/B6*
Spindle nose Camlock (ISO702-II) D6*
Spindle nose A2 (ISO702-I)
Spindle bore mm 42/57*
Spindle diameter in front bearing mm 70/90*
Max. spindle speed – 1st gear min -1 880
Max. spindle speed – 2nd gear min -1 3500
Manual clamping mm 160/200*
Hydraulic clamping* mm –

Spindle drive :
Main motor output S1 kW 7
Main motor output S6 kW 10
Torque – 1st gear S1 Nm 210
Torque – 1st gear S6 Nm 285
Torque – 2nd gear S1 Nm 52
Torque – 2nd gear S6 Nm 70

Carriages and drives :
Cross slide feed range mm.min -1 1÷3000
Cross-slide rapid traverse mm.min -1 3000
Working travel mm 183
Longitudinal slide feed range mm.min -1 1÷5000
Longitudinal slide rapid traverse mm.min -1 10000
Working travel mm 790

Quick change tool post MultiSuisse B
Max. tool size mm 25×25
Quick change tool post
Max. tool size mm

Manual tool post systems*
Quick change tool post
Max. tool cross-section mm
Quick change tool post
Max. tool cross-section mm
Quick change tool post
Max. tool cross-section mm
Quick change tool post
Max. tool cross-section mm

Automatic turrets*
4-way turret without live tools*
No. of tool positions (DIN 69881)
Max. tool diameter mm
Max. tool cross-section mm

Axial turret without live tools* SAUTER*
No. of tool positions 8*
Tool shank diameter (according to DIN 69880) mm 20*
Max. tool cross-section mm 16×12*

Axial turret with live tools*
No. of tool positions
No. of driven tool positions
Tool shank diameter (according to DIN 69880) mm
Max. tool cross-section mm
Driven tools motor output kW
Max. torque Nm
Max. RPM min -1

Tailstock :
Tailstock sleeve internal taper MORSE 4
Tailstock sleeve diameter mm 60
Tailstock sleeve travel mm 120
Tailstock travel mm
Tailstock control manual
Clamping force range* (optional hydraulic tailstock sleeve travel) daN

Machine dimensions :
Height mm 1735
Width mm 1490
Length (with chip pan) mm 2415
Length (with chip conveyor to the right side)* mm 3300*

Weight :
Weight (without optional accessories) kg cca 1600

Control systems:
SIEMENS 840D SolutionLine + ShopTurn yes
FANUC 0iTD + Manual Guide i yes