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Sobering up centre proves popular with some, who like it, in that it’s more comfortabgospelhitzle than some other positions. You’re also closer to the goalie and a couple of players are around you, and that gives them more room. “That’s the difference,” he says. “So when I go into the dressing room or the dressing room after a game, I’m going to get something to eat or something to drink and be warm and dry.”

It’s the best chance to get fit. Every day of every week you have to run for your life. You have to run, sprint, jump, run, sprint, jump. “It’s like you have this crazy schedule. I have to keep up with it, but it’s not too hard for me,” said Bylsma, who was playing in his first NHL gam카지노 사이트e with the Bruins at the time and the Leafs signed him as a더킹카지노 free agent after they traded away Jeff Schultz.

There’s a constant, exhausting routine, from stretching up front to changing your socks, to being out on the ice for a few minutes, to then changing into a pair of skates and heading off to practice.

Bylsma says there’s nothing more demanding than putting his body through those sorts of grueling tests. “It’s just like training camp — you can go hard, not just get in the zone and try to score goals, but when you’re out there you just have to focus on the work you’re doing, because we are all in the gym, and that works for us,” he said. “But when you don’t practice with those guys in the summer or on the road or when you play some guy in an important spot, and then you feel like you’re missing that chance at scoring points. You kind of get discouraged.

“It’s not like there’s only one way to play, because sometimes you get a little frustrated with your body, even when you’re training well.”

So he and other Leafs centre and players such as Nazem Kadri don’t just skate to the ice but do it by themselves for extended periods of time in the warm-ups and warm-downs. “It’s like the ultimate test for you,” he said. “It’s very rewarding. It’s really demanding mentally. It’s kind of scary. You know you’re going to get burned out for two or three days, but that’s what you have to fight through with these guys.”

Kadri says there’s so much to lose whe